Pestle & Mortar

Hugh, a friend of mine we met during a car club called Pro-hatch. We’ve worked on a couple of video project years back for his college work that gave me editing practice.

Arnold, works for a broadcasting station called 8TV. We sorta share the same interest in the realm of entertainment.

Arthur, Arnold’s younger brother joined the pack to form Pestle & Mortar.

“Much like the definition of the tool, we are a mix of blooming ideas, all mashed up into ONE COLLECTIVE idea. We are the brains and the eyes that project our culture onto our preferred medium, clothing. Pestle & Mortar is the projection of our lifestyle, culture and homeland. We are mainly designed around the things we see familiar growing up here in Malaysia. This makes it even more personal for us; it is OUR Malaysia, through OUR eyes. The most ordinary and mundane things, sometimes defines who we really are, but more importantly, where we come from.”Pestle & Mortar.

I shot this piece late last year, but I’m really stoked that this got out before they make an appearance at Chic Pop this 22nd January 2011. This episode was a fun one to make.

During their preliminary stages, I remember being impressed with the concept they had behind the designs. Today, I’ve never felt genuinely proud to wear a fellow friend’s T shirt design that appeals.
Yeah it’s nice when friends you’ve done fun projects with, who somewhere down the road comes up with an interesting concept and watch them overtime do what they do. But it’s more than just nice, when you know they’ve got something good going on. Apart from being impressed with the guys, piecing up this video together was more than just showcasing friends.

Click here or on the picture below to watch the video.

Thanks for the Ice Kacang T, guys. Really, it’s about the ice cream!

Now head over to Pestle Mortar, catch them at Chic Pop or make some orders now!


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