Whatever there was with Krookz and Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo

About time, i made a video showcasing a random conversation taken place at the Krookz headquaters while i picked up a deck and HUF t-shirt.

Sad thing i haven’t got to skate with that deck yet due to a back injury. First intermission was some skateboarding in Shah Alam together with Hariz and Fadhil. We were testing out my new Comer LBPS-1800 camera light. Fun session though! Hope to get back on my board soon.

Second intermission was a trip to Singapore for Zoukout 2010. Also some randoms but in the next episode, i’ll be showcasing Sup Clothing. Pretty good insight on that one, wait for it!

Lastly, Nizam of Krookz and I went to see what was what when rapper Dumbfoundead from California and DJ Zo swung by Malaysia for a gig. More or less of how it went down.

Click here or the picture below to watch “Whatever there was with Krookz and Dumbfounded & DJ Zo”.


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