Whatever there was with Grind Baru 2

Early this year, skateboarder Hariz Mansor orgainzed the second installment to his previous competition; Grind Baru 2. I was there just to shoot whatever there was, however i would’ve joined this fun one if it wasn’t for my back injury. Props to Hariz for his efforts in giving a fun time to the skateboarders around. Here are some pictures taken at the Shah Alam skatepark.

Shooting withe the Canon T2i/550D + 50mm F1.4 + LCDVF. Captured by Hanie’s Lumix GF-1.

This is Hariz.

Hariz with a 360 flip.

Local favourite Nizam Lee of Push skateshop.

Being blessed to make videos, it’s nice to contribute something to the Malaysian skate scene. It’s nice to be a part as a skateboarder, and showcase what goes on unfiltered.
Enjoy the video!

Captured by Hanie’s Lumix GF-1.


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  1. sindrommagNo Gravatar 10 March, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    i can feel the mood in video. it’s gooooood :)

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