Unboxing: Ding Dang

The unboxing video of one of the most notorious childhood gifts dug up from everlasting memories from a Malaysian. Here is the unboxing of Ding Dang. Shot by Hanie Hidayah on her Panasonic Lumix GF-1 with the GH1 firmware hack.


Motion Pitching Memory

Motion Pitching Memory from point8cam on Vimeo. Me and my sweets at a place where we first met. “Pictures are taken, it’s part of saving a memory in a matter of a shutter. Videos are shot, the thought saving a piece of memory at the very moment is often ignored. If pictures were uploaded for […]


Smashing Sunday with Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar on their Sunday which was smashing.


point8cam on wedding videos

Not exactly a wedding video but an Akad Nikah (solemnization) i recently shot and edited. Congratulations to the Shidee and Sherry to their wedding and the reception that went well the week after which i shot as well. Here’s Shidee and Sherry’s solemnization (akad nikah) video which was exhibited during the reception. Akad Nikah of […]


Whatever There Was in Bangkok Pt.1

I stole time. And here’s part 1. Of whatever there was in Bangkok. With sweets Hanie. Early this year, i went to Bangkok, Thailand to shoot a short film which was entirely taken place in a studio. This video starts off with heading to the archery in progress to gather props, followed by checking out […]


David Lai on Kanye West

Been working with a little something with mind bending mentalist, David Lai. And here’s a little outtake of what we’ve got. Didn’t know he was fond of Kanye West.


Whatever there was in Bangkok (Trailer)

Following from the last travel episode of Whatever there was in Singapore, here’s a trailer to the next titled Whatever there was in Bangkok. Still finding time to steal to be working on this video.


Saturday Night Life

Good things are getting done, still trying to make way for the fun videos.