Filming started from skateboarding..

At the age of 11, i started skateboarding. At the age of 12, i got my first video camera. It was all about getting some skate footage and making a skate video of my own. It was very possible back then, when there was nothing else but school. At the age of 16 and 17, my friends and I filmed and created Yaggenin’, a full length skateboard video which originated from Miri. Here’s my part back then.

Now, having to film a full skateboard video isn’t easy especially when chasing expenses. I’m happy enough however, after 8 years i ended up with scattered skate footage in my hard drive and produced this short clip.

Today i make videos of all sorts from weddings, corporate, promotional, internet shows and whatever else that could find interest in. Before there ever was the Whatever There Was series, this is one of them that gave me a sort of flow into making the series. Haha, pretty cool to see how many teeth has been evolving with braces!

I’m stoked on how i landed into making videos from skateboarding. And the people I’ve ever got in my videos or giving me the chance to make them, there’s nothing less than a genuine thank you.

Picture Courtesy of Haizan of Hom Hom.


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