Back from SG, shoutouts to some and some.

Shoutouts to some and some since i got back from Singapore.

Pestle & Mortar clothing for sponsoring 3 designs of their T-shirts plus one singlet for Hanie as well! Mega support!

A big shout out to Jacky Chia of Sup Clothing for taking both Hanie and I around Singapore.
Can’t wait till the new drops come in store, especially the 9five shades!

And on a random note, Mr Dali making a peek at the super show, Lion King in Marina Bay sands!

And before we shot off to Singapore, I shot a music video together with local Malaysian stand up comedians, the MACC! Here’s all 3 parts of the music video!

Catch their show Three and a Half Men in PJLA this August 2011!

To buy tickets, please visit, call 603 7960 0439 or 012 683 2099 or from box office PJLA.

Show runs from August 16 to 21st 2011 (8 shows)
All shows at 9pm, weekend matinees at 4pm.

The MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) is made of up Douglas Lim (President, Vice President, Youth Chief, Treasurer, Secretary and Supreme Advisor), Kuah Jenhan and Phoon Chi Ho (both just ordinary members).

Dr Jason is the latest, up and coming stand up comedian who also has a degree in medicine. This is so the 3 members dont have to pay consultations fees if they need to see a doctor backstage.

Now to sort out Whatever There Was in June/July 2011 before this Singapore episode gets started on!
And maybe collaborating with a video camera equipment company.. So for the video makers out there, giveaways anyone?


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