What is ‘beautiful’?

Despite the busyness i’ve been coping with lately, here’s something i’d like to steal a few minutes of my time to share. I’ve always believed that people are like books. Everybody has a story, but don’t judge them by their covers. On another note, being a video maker is beyond being a tech behind cameras […]


Squidgee: Let me in!

This is Squidgee. My dad recorded this one morning. Apparently, Squidgee has been trying to get into the house all night and greeted them with this in the morning. Squidgee’s a cat who thinks she’s human. This is her way of knocking on the door.


June 2011 episode!

Whatever There Was In June 2011 starts off with, well, whatever there was here and there with snippets of the Don’t Duck It campaign with appearances by Kuah Jenhan and Hanie Hidayah. Jenhan and Hanie trying their best to not duck the paint! Some skateboarding. Numerous attempts of a frontside 180 kickflip by Usher, bank […]


Hanie Hidayah vists Gallo by Thian

I was just tagging along with my sweets, Hanie Hidayah to Gallo by Thian located in The Gardens Mall. This was actually taken from my Whatever There Was June footage library, i thought I’d make this one into a single video. “Teresa Thian, a Raffles Design Institute graduate, came up with this concept that tells […]