Hanie Hidayah vists Gallo by Thian

I was just tagging along with my sweets, Hanie Hidayah to Gallo by Thian located in The Gardens Mall. This was actually taken from my Whatever There Was June footage library, i thought I’d make this one into a single video.

“Teresa Thian, a Raffles Design Institute graduate, came up with this concept that tells a story of love at first sight and marriage proposals while injecting soft, silky materials on sweet and cute designs in the shape or hearts, scallops and flowy things. I definitely fell in love at first sight with her designs. I was even spotting things I liked while the manicurist was doing my nails! Talk about multitasking! ^.^” – Hanie Hidayah

Hanie Hidayah visits Gallo by Thian from point8cam on Vimeo.

Till then, Whatever There Was in June will be up in a couple of days, featuring Hunny Madu and Bo Amir Iqram! I’ve got a Vimeo HD limit!


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