What is ‘beautiful’?

Despite the busyness i’ve been coping with lately, here’s something i’d like to steal a few minutes of my time to share.

I’ve always believed that people are like books. Everybody has a story, but don’t judge them by their covers.

On another note, being a video maker is beyond being a tech behind cameras and post production. It’s content that matters. It’s an art form and we’re thankful enough to be able to make videos easily nowadays express out a message.

Credits to @sabrr @medusasarrow @Amelia_zara.
I love the effort taken to give everyone a chance to voice out.


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  1. LiyaNo Gravatar 29 September, 2011 at 2:22 am #


    No words can describe how thankful we are and how much we appreciate you posting this. Doing this video made us realize how difficult yet satisfying video making is. It is due to wonderful people like you who do creative and beautiful work that made us want to this video at the first place. Thank you so much for inspiring us.

    And, again, a very big thank you.

    The Tribal Community.

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