The adidas NEO chat

The “adidas NEO chat” started out as the topic name over a chit chat in an iphone chat app called Whatsapp by Hanie, myself and our bunch of friends.

I’ve always thought if video making was a gift to move people, i’d love to shoot the people who matter to me. Close to a month ago, i had the golden chance of shooting my sweets Hanie and dear mates for the adidas NEO blogger campaign. Roadtrips there was.

Hanie’s favourite jacket of hers.

I love things that ride on 4 wheels. Have yet to blurb myself with automotive videos.

My brother Alfin stylin’.

Alvin smelling the air.

It’s mad to have the Canon 5D MKII paired with the 60D with this piece of glass. Lots of room to get the pretty shots.

I had 2 DSLR bodies to shoot with and an array of lenses + whatever gear i needed. I underutilized my gear due to constant rain of shoots of 3 locations! So most of the time i was getting my Canon 60D wet (Caution, this body isn’t meant to be abused by weather!).

Short on a garbage bag makes this a little more colourful. Picture courtesy of Gerald Cheong Photography

This wasn’t just another trip to shoot for me. Often traveling to shoot is just a call time to get on the job. It’s a different experience when you’re pouring your heart out with what’s done professionally with people you love. And especially with super people you meet along the way.

The 8TV Quickie crew had a video shoot with all adidas NEO Malaysia bloggers featuring Hanie Hidayah, Leonard Chua, Isabella Kuan, Helenness Chong, Careen Tan, Ewin Ee and Jason Ong. It was schweet to meet up with the Quickie guys Helmi and Ah Hong again. Stoked to get everyone in and make this vid.

Glad I’m able to have some time to create a fun video or something at least, supporting Hanie supports point8cam! Here’s the first video i made for the campaign. This is Hanie.

And this is how you can support us!


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