The name ‘point8cam’ without the capital P came about when first owning a first digital video camera which shoots at gross 0.8 megapixels. Geeky as it is but that’s where the name came from.

The passion from video shooting started from the age of 12 when a love found interest came by: skateboarding. Started non-linear editing by the age of 14 and started working on freelance tasks from 22. Today equipped gear, most of the video works include promotional, wedding, personal, corporate, internet tv shows, experimental which incorporate elements from cinematic looks, music videos, slow motion montages and quick pacing visuals.

“Whatever There Was in Singapore” was the first proper produced point8cam episode which depicts what could happen in a non-occasional day. Even the smallest pointless of moments can tell someone how much the little details meant and a reminder of how it was like back in a day. Now “Whatever There Was..” has taken title to all following episodes to point8cam’s videos.

This website showcases whatever there was in motion picture and everything else in still picture.