New Episode: Whatever There Was in Macau!

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded another episode to the Whatever There Was series. I should consider doing traveling videos for a living! Click here or the image above to watch the Macau episode!


Squidgee: Let me in!

This is Squidgee. My dad recorded this one morning. Apparently, Squidgee has been trying to get into the house all night and greeted them with this in the morning. Squidgee’s a cat who thinks she’s human. This is her way of knocking on the door.


June 2011 episode!

Whatever There Was In June 2011 starts off with, well, whatever there was here and there with snippets of the Don’t Duck It campaign with appearances by Kuah Jenhan and Hanie Hidayah. Jenhan and Hanie trying their best to not duck the paint! Some skateboarding. Numerous attempts of a frontside 180 kickflip by Usher, bank […]


What is up 003: Back from Singapore!

Shot in the airport just before boarding the plane back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Singapore. Hanie and I bring you What is up 003! Singapore was super and ended up with 528 clips of video! An another random note, here’s Squidgee if you missed her.


What is up 002: New monthly video!

Hanie and I updating on What is up 002! And Whatever There Was in May 2011 is up!


Whatever There Was with The 8TV Quickie

Arnold from Pestle & Mortar quietly sorted the hookup to get me on The 8TV Quickie show, then Helmi called me up one day and i told him we’ll set it months ahead. So the day came; i made my first appearance on TV as Point8cam. It was nice meeting the 8TV Quickie crew, talking […]


Whatever There Was with David Lai

So here is Mr David Lai in all his melted sugar. From his greatest fears to his everyday diet. Breakin chopsticks here with my mind. Click on the image or here to watch David Lai up, close and unfiltered.


Whatever There Was in Bangkok Pt. 2

It’s part 2. Of Bangkok. Less talk, more montage scenes. Enjoy.


Smashing Sunday with Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar on their Sunday which was smashing.


Whatever There Was in Bangkok Pt.1

I stole time. And here’s part 1. Of whatever there was in Bangkok. With sweets Hanie. Early this year, i went to Bangkok, Thailand to shoot a short film which was entirely taken place in a studio. This video starts off with heading to the archery in progress to gather props, followed by checking out […]

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