Whatever there was in Bangkok (Trailer)

Following from the last travel episode of Whatever there was in Singapore, here’s a trailer to the next titled Whatever there was in Bangkok. Still finding time to steal to be working on this video.


Small Perspectives 001 – Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara

Squidgee hasn’t been doing anything lately, just asking to get into the house and eat. So on another limb of series of videos, Small Perspectives is a series of short skits of my surroundings. Here’s what’s around me in Pappa Rich in Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara.


Whatever there was with Grind Baru 2

Early this year, skateboarder Hariz Mansor orgainzed the second installment to his previous competition; Grind Baru 2. I was there just to shoot whatever there was, however i would’ve joined this fun one if it wasn’t for my back injury. Props to Hariz for his efforts in giving a fun time to the skateboarders around. […]


Whatever there was with Sup Clothing

My brother and I paid Jacky Chia of Sup Clothing a visit and the random pictures to substitute the load of missing content due to lost audio clips. And the following episode; Whatever There Was With Sup Clothing.


Whatever there was with Krookz and Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo

About time, i made a video showcasing a random conversation taken place at the Krookz headquaters while i picked up a deck and HUF t-shirt. Sad thing i haven’t got to skate with that deck yet due to a back injury. First intermission was some skateboarding in Shah Alam together with Hariz and Fadhil. We […]


Squidgee’s debut: The Door

Does anyone know who Squidgee is? She first starred in a video competition that won me a prize about 3 years ago. This is Squidgee. Then there was this trailer called The Unknown Cat that was done spontaneously when i was having tea. And now she makes her first appearance in her own web series; […]


Pestle & Mortar

Hugh, a friend of mine we met during a car club called Pro-hatch. We’ve worked on a couple of video project years back for his college work that gave me editing practice. Arnold, works for a broadcasting station called 8TV. We sorta share the same interest in the realm of entertainment. Arthur, Arnold’s younger brother […]

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