We Are KiX..

This was my first collaborative work with KiX; the Future Music Festival Asia 2012 film piece. And the next piece is gonna drop right about soon. I’m stoked to be part of the team.


Pestle & Mortar speaks.. Everything you don’t hear!

I have always stored my footage of previous projects in my footage library and made sure this wouldn’t go out to waste! This is everything you won’t see when the boys from Pestle & Mortar Clothing, Hugh Koh & Arnold Loh when putting a straight face to the camera! Shot with the Sony FS100 and […]


My Macbook Pro has a CameraBag 2

I love Adobe’s Lightroom on both my Macbook Pro and PC Desktop. Sorting, filtering the pictures i want to get rid off and keep the rest. Wonderful editing capabilities but there are just days when I want to quickly treat a picture without importing it into the catalog and share away on the web. CameraBag […]


Cars and a film photographer

We did a little spontaneous shoot just recently for pure fun. And i had one take to shoot Razlan Yusof to drive off with the Mini Cooper S JCW edition. Check out Razlan’s Facebook page, an inspiring young photographer who shoots mostly on film format. Watching him progress inspires me by the days. Earlier in […]


First shot with the Sony FS100: Nizam Lee

Just before it rained in Shah Alam skatepark, I managed to shoot Nizam Lee to do a made 360 flip off the launcher. Here’s a shot of Nizam Lee, an ungraded captured still. Click for fullsize of the grab. I chose not to use a picture profile which simulates a LOG/flat look. Dealing with 4:2:0 […]


Breathe by Tan Hyon-Lè

The top 10 finalists for the BMW shorties Malaysia has been announced. Have you voted for your favourite? Mine goes to Breathe by Tan Hyon-Lè, Director of Photography, Haruld Goh. I have been briefly digitally introduced to Haruld Goh through my mate Bo Amir Iqram who made an appearance in this film. I gotta say, […]


adidas Neo: The final GLOW with Hanie Hidayah

Remember the adidas NEO chat? That video wasn’t the finale. Here’s the final glow with adidas Neo. #hanie4NEO I gotta thank Newba PWC for being a part one of my spontaneous ideas, without him i wouldn’t of been confident to execute in such a short time. And there’ll be a extended cut of this video […]


Skateboarding: A Rainy Day in Putrajaya

TJ wanted to try out some skate photography so i invited him to come to Putrajaya’s Challenge Skate Park. His mates Jean Wong and Tony Chia came along too. Apart from sharing what i know about skateboarding angles, I had some fun with Jean’s Nikon 50mm F1.4 Ai-S and TJ’s Zeiss 105mm F2 Macro. Lovely […]


Video: The adidas NEO Chat!

What is up? It’s been continuously busy good this side and hope all is sweet everywhere else. The above picture was taken in the Pestle & Mortar headquarters during a lazy Sunday but a busy one for both my sweets and I! On another more important note, the video titlted The adidas NEO Chat is […]


The adidas NEO chat

The “adidas NEO chat” started out as the topic name over a chit chat in an iphone chat app called Whatsapp by Hanie, myself and our bunch of friends. I’ve always thought if video making was a gift to move people, i’d love to shoot the people who matter to me. Close to a month […]

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