Hanie Hidayah vists Gallo by Thian

I was just tagging along with my sweets, Hanie Hidayah to Gallo by Thian located in The Gardens Mall. This was actually taken from my Whatever There Was June footage library, i thought I’d make this one into a single video. “Teresa Thian, a Raffles Design Institute graduate, came up with this concept that tells […]


Filming started from skateboarding..

At the age of 11, i started skateboarding. At the age of 12, i got my first video camera. It was all about getting some skate footage and making a skate video of my own. It was very possible back then, when there was nothing else but school. At the age of 16 and 17, […]


point8cam for the record, and another wedding piece.

I’ve always been a one man video maker. From pre, production and post. And recently i’ve been working on getting a crew together to form one solid team. Point8cam‘s purely a personality, combined with the making of random videos and the ongoing series, Whatever There Was. Talk about Intertainment (Internet Entertainment). So for everything else […]


Skateboarding: No Sound

Skateboarders Hariz Mansor & Nizam Lee at Section 13, Shah Alam skatepark, Malaysia. Real story: Hariz’s footage had no sound. Taken from Hanie Hidayah’s tumblr.


Unboxing: Ding Dang

The unboxing video of one of the most notorious childhood gifts dug up from everlasting memories from a Malaysian. Here is the unboxing of Ding Dang. Shot by Hanie Hidayah on her Panasonic Lumix GF-1 with the GH1 firmware hack.


Motion Pitching Memory

Motion Pitching Memory from point8cam on Vimeo. Me and my sweets at a place where we first met. “Pictures are taken, it’s part of saving a memory in a matter of a shutter. Videos are shot, the thought saving a piece of memory at the very moment is often ignored. If pictures were uploaded for […]


point8cam on wedding videos

Not exactly a wedding video but an Akad Nikah (solemnization) i recently shot and edited. Congratulations to the Shidee and Sherry to their wedding and the reception that went well the week after which i shot as well. Here’s Shidee and Sherry’s solemnization (akad nikah) video which was exhibited during the reception. Akad Nikah of […]


David Lai on Kanye West

Been working with a little something with mind bending mentalist, David Lai. And here’s a little outtake of what we’ve got. Didn’t know he was fond of Kanye West.


Timelapse in Aman Suria

Since i haven’t got my intervalometer for my DSLR yet, i was trying out a timelapse shot with my iPhone 3GS. Here it is shot in a span of less than an hour before it rained.


Bangkok Calling

The sweeteh Hanie caught the video bug lately and she made a compilation of scenes from our recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand titled “Bangkok Calling”. Have a watch or let it load while you scroll through the rest of the pictures below. Pretty clean cut editing ay? Edited on Adobe Premiere Elements 9, shot with […]

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