June 2011 episode!

Whatever There Was In June 2011 starts off with, well, whatever there was here and there with snippets of the Don’t Duck It campaign with appearances by Kuah Jenhan and Hanie Hidayah. Jenhan and Hanie trying their best to not duck the paint! Some skateboarding. Numerous attempts of a frontside 180 kickflip by Usher, bank […]


Hanie Hidayah vists Gallo by Thian

I was just tagging along with my sweets, Hanie Hidayah to Gallo by Thian located in The Gardens Mall. This was actually taken from my Whatever There Was June footage library, i thought I’d make this one into a single video. “Teresa Thian, a Raffles Design Institute graduate, came up with this concept that tells […]


The man without limbs, Nick Vujicic

I’m personally stoked with this video. Nick Vujicic, the man without limbs but a “chicken drumstick” has less to show what more there is to life. Nick Vujicic It’s sad to say that a man with no limbs makes it believable rather than a perfectly built human being. A few days down the road, it […]


The Origin by Munir Muhammad

Someone’s been busy. Munir Muhammad, the maker of “30 days”, has rolled out a trailer of his next skateboard video. The trailer below pretty much sums things up. Sometimes it’s not easy to support a scene/industry out of love. For skateboarding in Malaysia, you gotta be a person to make enough time, fortunately some money […]


Back from SG, shoutouts to some and some.

Shoutouts to some and some since i got back from Singapore. Pestle & Mortar clothing for sponsoring 3 designs of their T-shirts plus one singlet for Hanie as well! Mega support! A big shout out to Jacky Chia of Sup Clothing for taking both Hanie and I around Singapore. Can’t wait till the new drops […]


What is up 002: New monthly video!

Hanie and I updating on What is up 002! And Whatever There Was in May 2011 is up!


Filming started from skateboarding..

At the age of 11, i started skateboarding. At the age of 12, i got my first video camera. It was all about getting some skate footage and making a skate video of my own. It was very possible back then, when there was nothing else but school. At the age of 16 and 17, […]


I’m on TV tonight! The 8TV Quickie Show!

Apart from the topic, I’ve got a new YouTube channel for everything else than the Whatever There Was episodes available on Vimeo. So it’s on my YouTube channel where I’ll be updating on what’s been up, answer any sorts of questions from random ones to any sort of video making questions. Here’s what’s been up […]


Whatever There Was with David Lai

So here is Mr David Lai in all his melted sugar. From his greatest fears to his everyday diet. Breakin chopsticks here with my mind. Click on the image or here to watch David Lai up, close and unfiltered.


Singapore Active Park Skateboarding Competition

Here’s a lil somethin somethin from the Lion City Skaters, Singapore. “Grand opening of Active Skatepark Singapore’s latest skate park. 100 skateboarders battle it out for a place on the podium. Sponsors included Playpoint, Lion City Skaters, Skullcandy and VitaminWater.”

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