Pestle & Mortar

Hugh, a friend of mine we met during a car club called Pro-hatch. We’ve worked on a couple of video project years back for his college work that gave me editing practice. Arnold, works for a broadcasting station called 8TV. We sorta share the same interest in the realm of entertainment. Arthur, Arnold’s younger brother […]


MACC Internal Affairs CNY: Restaurant Skit

The second skit to the first i posted, here’s the restaurant skit. Again, shot and visually edited by me and audio constructed by one of their audio engineer friend. Pictures taken courtesy of Hanie Hidayah shot with her Panasonic Lumix GF-1. Their upcoming show has already sold a load of tickets that there are about […]


MACC Internal Affairs CNY: Office skit

Again, i worked with three Malaysian comedians who trio themselves as the MACC. Douglas Lim who came up with the concept and script, had me to direct and execute the shoot. These skits/ads are promos to their upcoming show; MACC – Internal Affairs CNY Edition which will be held in PJLA from 25th-29th January 2010 […]


Shoutout to Syed of Terrorkota

I created the first “Whatever There Was..” episode during one of my recent trips to Singapore. Syed of Terrorkota took me to the East Coast skatepark in Singapore. I wouldn’t know what the skateboarding skit in the video would be like if it wasn’t for him. Cheerful guy blessed with skills, check out his nollie […]

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