A Sony NEX-VG20, Canon C300, Vincent Laforet and a coconut. And then some..

It has been a fun run & gun year but a new one’s here. I have sold my cameras (except the NEX-5N) and I’m just waiting to get my hands on my new main cam. In the meantime, Rebecca Saw got me a Sony NEX-VG20 to muck around with. HEHE. It’ll be nice to have […]


adidas Neo: The final GLOW with Hanie Hidayah

Remember the adidas NEO chat? That video wasn’t the finale. Here’s the final glow with adidas Neo. #hanie4NEO I gotta thank Newba PWC for being a part one of my spontaneous ideas, without him i wouldn’t of been confident to execute in such a short time. And there’ll be a extended cut of this video […]


Sony NEX-VG20 sample videos

It looks like this camera made quite a excitement after it was officially announced to hit the shelves by November 2011. Makes a great companion with the Panasonic AF100/101/102 or the Sony FS100. This is what the Sony NEX-VG10 should’ve been but it’s not too late. I wouldn’t want to get too deep into camera […]


Back from SG, shoutouts to some and some.

Shoutouts to some and some since i got back from Singapore. Pestle & Mortar clothing for sponsoring 3 designs of their T-shirts plus one singlet for Hanie as well! Mega support! A big shout out to Jacky Chia of Sup Clothing for taking both Hanie and I around Singapore. Can’t wait till the new drops […]


Cheating with music in video?

We all know that music gives a good impact when combined with videos. Recently, I’ve been supplied with this to put along a speech in a video. “BE WARNED. Making duplicates of this recording in ANY form is at your OWN RISK! ‘Special Embedded Messages’ maybe destroyed resulting in NEGATIVE and REVERSE effects DESTRUCTIVE to […]


Filming started from skateboarding..

At the age of 11, i started skateboarding. At the age of 12, i got my first video camera. It was all about getting some skate footage and making a skate video of my own. It was very possible back then, when there was nothing else but school. At the age of 16 and 17, […]


Whatever There Was with The 8TV Quickie

Arnold from Pestle & Mortar quietly sorted the hookup to get me on The 8TV Quickie show, then Helmi called me up one day and i told him we’ll set it months ahead. So the day came; i made my first appearance on TV as Point8cam. It was nice meeting the 8TV Quickie crew, talking […]


point8cam for the record, and another wedding piece.

I’ve always been a one man video maker. From pre, production and post. And recently i’ve been working on getting a crew together to form one solid team. Point8cam‘s purely a personality, combined with the making of random videos and the ongoing series, Whatever There Was. Talk about Intertainment (Internet Entertainment). So for everything else […]


Motion Pitching Memory

Motion Pitching Memory from point8cam on Vimeo. Me and my sweets at a place where we first met. “Pictures are taken, it’s part of saving a memory in a matter of a shutter. Videos are shot, the thought saving a piece of memory at the very moment is often ignored. If pictures were uploaded for […]


Whatever there was in Bangkok (Trailer)

Following from the last travel episode of Whatever there was in Singapore, here’s a trailer to the next titled Whatever there was in Bangkok. Still finding time to steal to be working on this video.

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