The Origin by Munir Muhammad

Someone’s been busy.

Munir Muhammad, the maker of “30 days”, has rolled out a trailer of his next skateboard video. The trailer below pretty much sums things up.

Sometimes it’s not easy to support a scene/industry out of love. For skateboarding in Malaysia, you gotta be a person to make enough time, fortunately some money to chase the bills and and the adequate resources to do it.

Props to Munir for making the next Malaysian skateboarding video, The Origin.


Back from SG, shoutouts to some and some.

Shoutouts to some and some since i got back from Singapore.

Pestle & Mortar clothing for sponsoring 3 designs of their T-shirts plus one singlet for Hanie as well! Mega support!

A big shout out to Jacky Chia of Sup Clothing for taking both Hanie and I around Singapore.
Can’t wait till the new drops come in store, especially the 9five shades!

And on a random note, Mr Dali making a peek at the super show, Lion King in Marina Bay sands!

And before we shot off to Singapore, I shot a music video together with local Malaysian stand up comedians, the MACC! Here’s all 3 parts of the music video!

Catch their show Three and a Half Men in PJLA this August 2011!

To buy tickets, please visit, call 603 7960 0439 or 012 683 2099 or from box office PJLA.

Show runs from August 16 to 21st 2011 (8 shows)
All shows at 9pm, weekend matinees at 4pm.

The MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) is made of up Douglas Lim (President, Vice President, Youth Chief, Treasurer, Secretary and Supreme Advisor), Kuah Jenhan and Phoon Chi Ho (both just ordinary members).

Dr Jason is the latest, up and coming stand up comedian who also has a degree in medicine. This is so the 3 members dont have to pay consultations fees if they need to see a doctor backstage.

Now to sort out Whatever There Was in June/July 2011 before this Singapore episode gets started on!
And maybe collaborating with a video camera equipment company.. So for the video makers out there, giveaways anyone?


What is up 003: Back from Singapore!

Shot in the airport just before boarding the plane back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Singapore.
Hanie and I bring you What is up 003!

Singapore was super and ended up with 528 clips of video!
An another random note, here’s Squidgee if you missed her.


What is up 002: New monthly video!

Hanie and I updating on What is up 002!

And Whatever There Was in May 2011 is up!


Cheating with music in video?

We all know that music gives a good impact when combined with videos.
Recently, I’ve been supplied with this to put along a speech in a video.

“BE WARNED. Making duplicates of this recording in ANY form is at your OWN RISK! ‘Special Embedded Messages’ maybe destroyed resulting in NEGATIVE and REVERSE effects DESTRUCTIVE to your Mind.” That’s pretty harsh, i feel dumb being told such a thing. But cool, it must meant that the special messages were embedded not in the process of making the audio, but must be the copying process of this disc! I mean, logically this could be revolutionary.

Yeap, 60USD for this. We humans can finally be programmed for master success.



Filming started from skateboarding..

At the age of 11, i started skateboarding. At the age of 12, i got my first video camera. It was all about getting some skate footage and making a skate video of my own. It was very possible back then, when there was nothing else but school. At the age of 16 and 17, my friends and I filmed and created Yaggenin’, a full length skateboard video which originated from Miri. Here’s my part back then.

Now, having to film a full skateboard video isn’t easy especially when chasing expenses. I’m happy enough however, after 8 years i ended up with scattered skate footage in my hard drive and produced this short clip.

Today i make videos of all sorts from weddings, corporate, promotional, internet shows and whatever else that could find interest in. Before there ever was the Whatever There Was series, this is one of them that gave me a sort of flow into making the series. Haha, pretty cool to see how many teeth has been evolving with braces!

I’m stoked on how i landed into making videos from skateboarding. And the people I’ve ever got in my videos or giving me the chance to make them, there’s nothing less than a genuine thank you.

Picture Courtesy of Haizan of Hom Hom.


Whatever There Was with The 8TV Quickie

Arnold from Pestle & Mortar quietly sorted the hookup to get me on The 8TV Quickie show, then Helmi called me up one day and i told him we’ll set it months ahead. So the day came; i made my first appearance on TV as Point8cam.

It was nice meeting the 8TV Quickie crew, talking about making a living in video industry namely in Malaysia. Pretty good insight for a video maker VS working in a established broadcast environment. Apart from camera talks and lookin up at what the crew has been up to with their show, Naqib and Prem are pretty entertaining hosts. Naqib especially, funny guy.

Quite much a bummer that Hanie couldn’t join me that night. So i thought i’d take her everywhere i could via Skype, from home to Sri Pentas.

The t-shirt i wore was my first ever DIY printed design. Print costs RM5, takes an iron on but it hasn’t gone through a wash just yet. Curious to find out how well this print holds.

The design is a picture i photographed which was a floor angle of Hanie and I. Thought it’d be one way to have her along without her physical presence!

Thank you Arnold for the setup, and Helmi for following up with the calls till passing me a copy of the show. Everybody at The 8TV Quickie crew, it was nice meeting all of yall!

Click here or on the picture below to watch Whatever There Was with The 8TV Quickie!

Follow the 8TV Quickie:


point8cam for the record, and another wedding piece.

I’ve always been a one man video maker. From pre, production and post. And recently i’ve been working on getting a crew together to form one solid team.

Point8cam‘s purely a personality, combined with the making of random videos and the ongoing series, Whatever There Was. Talk about Intertainment (Internet Entertainment). So for everything else rather than what point8cam is, i’m talking about a new brand; this team I’m forming.

Till a name comes about for this team, here’s a piece i made for Shidee & Sherry’s wedding reception. Enjoy.

Introduction: Wedding Reception of Shidee & Sherry from point8cam on Vimeo.


I’m on TV tonight! The 8TV Quickie Show!

Apart from the topic, I’ve got a new YouTube channel for everything else than the Whatever There Was episodes available on Vimeo. So it’s on my YouTube channel where I’ll be updating on what’s been up, answer any sorts of questions from random ones to any sort of video making questions. Here’s what’s been up so far featuring my sweets Hanie Hidayah:

And back to the topic, I’ll be on the 8TV Quickie show midnight tonight! Catch me to talk about…. Whatever There Is at 8TV!

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Whatever There Was with David Lai

So here is Mr David Lai in all his melted sugar. From his greatest fears to his everyday diet.

Breakin chopsticks here with my mind.

Click on the image or here to watch David Lai up, close and unfiltered.

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