Whatever there was in Bangkok (Trailer)

Following from the last travel episode of Whatever there was in Singapore, here’s a trailer to the next titled Whatever there was in Bangkok.

Still finding time to steal to be working on this video.


Saturday Night Life

Good things are getting done, still trying to make way for the fun videos.


Vote for Squidgee! I mean Hanie Hidayah

The sweeteh Hanie submitted for the iMas Traveller Blogger Contest and it required a minute introduction video.. and i accidentally got caught on video.
Here’s to being time savvy, enjoy the video.

And here’s the part i need your favour with, vote for her! Well it’s just opening this link, scrolling to the bottom and click LIKE! If she gets to win any travel prizes, i could do more Whatever There Was episodes. Pretty fun stuff!

Speaking of Whatever There Was, the Bangkok episode’s being stalled due to work.. but interesting pieces of work to appear here soon.


Small Perspectives 001 – Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara

Squidgee hasn’t been doing anything lately, just asking to get into the house and eat. So on another limb of series of videos, Small Perspectives is a series of short skits of my surroundings.

Here’s what’s around me in Pappa Rich in Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara.


Timelapse in Aman Suria

Since i haven’t got my intervalometer for my DSLR yet, i was trying out a timelapse shot with my iPhone 3GS.
Here it is shot in a span of less than an hour before it rained.


Whatever there was with Grind Baru 2

Early this year, skateboarder Hariz Mansor orgainzed the second installment to his previous competition; Grind Baru 2. I was there just to shoot whatever there was, however i would’ve joined this fun one if it wasn’t for my back injury. Props to Hariz for his efforts in giving a fun time to the skateboarders around. Here are some pictures taken at the Shah Alam skatepark.

Shooting withe the Canon T2i/550D + 50mm F1.4 + LCDVF. Captured by Hanie’s Lumix GF-1.

This is Hariz.

Hariz with a 360 flip.

Local favourite Nizam Lee of Push skateshop.

Being blessed to make videos, it’s nice to contribute something to the Malaysian skate scene. It’s nice to be a part as a skateboarder, and showcase what goes on unfiltered.
Enjoy the video!

Captured by Hanie’s Lumix GF-1.


Bangkok Calling

The sweeteh Hanie caught the video bug lately and she made a compilation of scenes from our recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand titled “Bangkok Calling”. Have a watch or let it load while you scroll through the rest of the pictures below.

Pretty clean cut editing ay? Edited on Adobe Premiere Elements 9, shot with the Panasonic Lumix GF-1 and some with the Canon 60D, both on custom color profiles.

I was there to be a part of a short film tittled “The Cupid” directed by Adrian Bowden, i was director of photography, Hanie was in charge of our sound control unit while taking some behind the scenes. The short was played by Justin Bratton and Christian Nsame. Wonderful people on set, from moments full of energy to a talent sleeping through a scene on set. It was nice to have everyone giving their all in producing our own short film.

Director Adrian Bowden

Hanie & Justin Bratton in Thong Lo

Sarah Hodgens stylin

A walk to lunch

Along the streets not too far from Platinum Mall

Wide open at F1.4

The crowd at Chatuchak market

Hanie’s weapon of choice – The Panasonic Lumix GF-1 + 20mm F1.7

The roads of Bangkok, Thailand


A shop which sells a tonne of Holga cameras on the National Stadium BTS (Train Station)

Do work


Whatever there was with Sup Clothing

My brother and I paid Jacky Chia of Sup Clothing a visit and the random pictures to substitute the load of missing content due to lost audio clips.

And the following episode; Whatever There Was With Sup Clothing.


February Diary 2011

This video consists of 3 skits that projects different yet quite similar personal perspectives of mine painted in motion picture featuring Hanie Hidayah. All were shot within a day. From a visit to university, lunch and finally in a car. No scripts.


Whatever there was with Krookz and Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo

About time, i made a video showcasing a random conversation taken place at the Krookz headquaters while i picked up a deck and HUF t-shirt.

Sad thing i haven’t got to skate with that deck yet due to a back injury. First intermission was some skateboarding in Shah Alam together with Hariz and Fadhil. We were testing out my new Comer LBPS-1800 camera light. Fun session though! Hope to get back on my board soon.

Second intermission was a trip to Singapore for Zoukout 2010. Also some randoms but in the next episode, i’ll be showcasing Sup Clothing. Pretty good insight on that one, wait for it!

Lastly, Nizam of Krookz and I went to see what was what when rapper Dumbfoundead from California and DJ Zo swung by Malaysia for a gig. More or less of how it went down.

Click here or the picture below to watch “Whatever there was with Krookz and Dumbfounded & DJ Zo”.

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