..in Bangkok Pt. 1 of 2

Early this year, i went to Bangkok, Thailand to shoot a short film which was entirely taken place in a studio. This video starts off with heading to the archery in progress to gather props, followed by checking out the studio.

Along the way, sweets and I pretty much roamed the city of Bangkok with attempts of putting our minds away from our luggage. Unfortunately, our baggage made it to Sydney, Australia. Apart from buying necessities, we still went on to place to place despite the limited time we had minus studio time.

Food is good in Bangkok, Thailand.

p.s: I am pretty fond of McDonalds.

Monica – So Gone
Suff Daddy – Ozdemir
Petey Pablo – I Swear
Röyksopp – Coming Home
Scarface feat Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel – Who’s Back

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