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The opening of this video was performed by my brother Alfin who does not have the slightest awareness that he’s in the video.. yet. I had more footage to share, but i lost a bunch of audio files for this episode. So instead, all in camera sound was used with a couple of equalizing.

During one of my recent trips to Singapore, Hanie thought it’d be swell to swing a shop called Sup Clothing. Located in Haji Lane with a number of fashion boutique’s along the row, Sup Clothing offers a one stop boutique for their original and collab t-shirt designs as well as popular street cultured fashion brands.

It was nice walking in the store as a customer, filming this episode as a video maker and comfortably chit chatting like a long time buddy. Jacky Chia shared his insights on the Singapore street fashion scene and touching a little on the history of Haji Lane. Also, we checked out a couple of other boutique’s showrooms and before calling it a wrap, last words over shisha.

Thanks for the shisha Jacky, and yes i remember your pack of cigs.

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  1. haiqalNo Gravatar 27 March, 2011 at 11:51 pm #

    Im very enjoyed when im watching all your videos in youtube.Nice edit and its good.Great!

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