..in Singapore

4 nights, a camera, lenses, a voice recorder, great company, good food, backpackers, 6 star hotel, random snacks, partying, skateboarding and ended up with a ton of footage. Learning and growing up to what i am today made me act, record and piece this all up together this way. Never thought it’d look like this. I just thought i could make something out of my footage.

I left out a bit of content out (vimeo.com/​16606776) which was at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. Stunning view at the 57th floor watching over Singapore’s skyline. This belonged somewhere in Day 04.

Just sharing my fun and i hope you guys enjoy it.

Shot with Canon 550D/T2i
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Color graded with Magic Bullet Colorista II

Music credits:
Little People – Last Fare
DJ Vinroc – Mini Funk Analyzer
The Album Leaf – Vermillion

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