..with Vincent Laforet

When Vincent Laforet came down to Singapore for the Canon C300 convention, i personally didn’t feel like i was starstruck that there was a successful film maker or any of the sort in town. I only had a brief knowledge of his work and accomplishments. What i found most fascinating was when he showcased most of his aerial photography work which led to some life defying angles and the most of coincidential events captured into a single frame.

Years after the accidental DSLR video incident which resulted to Riveira, Vincent was making moves in motion picture with Dslrs.

My last questions to Vincent would be about gear. It is interesting to know what motivates him to pick up a video camera to film something, especially when he started from photography unlike myself. It was an interesting insight to understand Vincent’s will to capture something in still or motion picture from his perspective.

I relate his photography work to his dedication to video. From wide shots up in the air, to the tightest ones being harnessed to a helicopter, and to a moment when he got stuck on a ladder in the empire state building. The will to reach higher into the sky, into his audience’s heart will always be his forte into video making. It was nice knowing Vincent as much as i could personally, and i got his time to watch the first episode of my Whatever There Was series, which coincidentally took place in Singapore too!

This was the day that i was properly inspired by Vincent Laforet.

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  1. Prakash DanielNo Gravatar 1 February, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    dang man ! you met the man himself….he is one talented fellow !

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