Whatever there was in Bangkok (Trailer)

Following from the last travel episode of Whatever there was in Singapore, here’s a trailer to the next titled Whatever there was in Bangkok. Still finding time to steal to be working on this video.


Vote for Squidgee! I mean Hanie Hidayah

The sweeteh Hanie submitted for the iMas Traveller Blogger Contest and it required a minute introduction video.. and i accidentally got caught on video. Here’s to being time savvy, enjoy the video. And here’s the part i need your favour with, vote for her! Well it’s just opening this link, scrolling to the bottom and […]


Small Perspectives 001 – Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara

Squidgee hasn’t been doing anything lately, just asking to get into the house and eat. So on another limb of series of videos, Small Perspectives is a series of short skits of my surroundings. Here’s what’s around me in Pappa Rich in Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara.


Timelapse in Aman Suria

Since i haven’t got my intervalometer for my DSLR yet, i was trying out a timelapse shot with my iPhone 3GS. Here it is shot in a span of less than an hour before it rained.


Bangkok Calling

The sweeteh Hanie caught the video bug lately and she made a compilation of scenes from our recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand titled “Bangkok Calling”. Have a watch or let it load while you scroll through the rest of the pictures below. Pretty clean cut editing ay? Edited on Adobe Premiere Elements 9, shot with […]


February Diary 2011

This video consists of 3 skits that projects different yet quite similar personal perspectives of mine painted in motion picture featuring Hanie Hidayah. All were shot within a day. From a visit to university, lunch and finally in a car. No scripts.


Whatever there was with Krookz and Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo

About time, i made a video showcasing a random conversation taken place at the Krookz headquaters while i picked up a deck and HUF t-shirt. Sad thing i haven’t got to skate with that deck yet due to a back injury. First intermission was some skateboarding in Shah Alam together with Hariz and Fadhil. We […]


Squidgee’s debut: The Door

Does anyone know who Squidgee is? She first starred in a video competition that won me a prize about 3 years ago. This is Squidgee. Then there was this trailer called The Unknown Cat that was done spontaneously when i was having tea. And now she makes her first appearance in her own web series; […]


A few minutes with Kuah Jenhan

Just whipping out a camera to put in Jenhan’s face. Young Malaysian comedian, Kuah Jenhan will be performing in the next MACC Internal Affairs CNY Edition this 25-29th Jan 2011. Catch him elsewhere at Timeout KL’s comedy night in Zouk or shows hosted by the Young Comedians of Malaysia (YCOM). Kuah Jenhan: http://www.kuahjenhan.com


Video Timelapse: 1 hour of geeking

A timelapse. Over an hour. Just PC building really. Really. And if some are wondering what i use to edit on. I don’t really use much of a powerhouse, it’s really about the workflow! Picture courtesy of Hanie.

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