Video Services

I am available to work on the involvement of conceptualization, ideation and Direct them. With the many broadcasting/streaming video platforms, the art and strategy of approaching on how a story is told and marketed work in various ways. Mainly, I am always looking forward to create entertaining videos!

I am very looking forward to work on the following fields of video/film:
1. New media – online & digital video content on the web/mobile
2. Campaigns involving video as a vital insturment
3. Fashion
4. Travel
5. Documetaries
6. Post event coverage

I run a video making business under Multiple Networks Sdn Bhd. I work closely with We Are Kix & Spaceboys Studios as a Director of Photography on several projects.
I am also building on a travel project called Whatever There Was which revolves around travel content.

From my early years, I have past experience in post production & sound design.

Lastly, I am an IT graduate with a passion to pursue with video/film making.